We’re pleased to announce our first ever SuperTuxKart Super Gopher Tournament! We’ll be hosting four matches as we race along the tracks to determine a winner for this year’s tournament! Come join us and challenge your friends in this amazing race!

Our first match will be on March 20 @ 8PM via Zoom. We’ll be posting details in the future, and the Zoom link with password will be available here, on Gopherdon.

The Gopherdon desktop beta apps have been updated to v1.1.0-beta5, which includes bugfixes and support for announcements. Learn more: github.com/gopherdonapp/app/re

Important Notice: We've updated our Terms of Service to better reflect our guidelines during the public beta. Head to mastodon.goucher.edu/terms to read it or, in the Gopherdon app, go to About and then click the arrow-and-box icon under the instance details "Terms of Service" section.

Private Beta Expansion

Gopherdon has now enabled the option to allow existing members to invite new ones to the private beta program with a one-time invite link. This is accessible on Mastodon's settings and should appear in a future release of the Gopherdon/Hyperspace apps.

We recommend that you use the following options in the image to make a one-time link.


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