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We will be performing server updates on Friday, April 10, at ~9:00 AM. Expect server downtime or unresponsiveness during that time.

The Gopherdon desktop beta apps have been updated to v1.1.0-beta5, which includes bugfixes and support for announcements. Learn more:

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Looking to see what's happening on Gopherdon? Check the local timeline where public posts from everyone on Gopherdon live.

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Did you know? You can change your profile picture, header, and bio in your profile settings (Preferences > Profile) and in the Gopherdon desktop app (Account menu > Edit profile).

Gopherdon has been updated to Mastodon v3.1.2, which includes security improvements and bugfixes. Release notes:

(This post was made for those unable to see server announcements.)

Howdy! The public beta is now live! πŸŽ‰ We can't wait to see what experiences you share.

Important Notice: We've updated our Terms of Service to better reflect our guidelines during the public beta. Head to to read it or, in the Gopherdon app, go to About and then click the arrow-and-box icon under the instance details "Terms of Service" section.

Update: we've finished performing the intended maintenance tasks and upgrades on the Gopherdon server. You can learn more about what's new with Mastodon v3.1 here:

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Server Maintenance Upgrade:

We'll be performing some maintenance tasks on the Gopherdon server today; expect outages and/or interruptions. We will let you know when maintenance tasks have been completed.

Server Maintenance Update

We've finished performing the intended maintenance tasks on the Gopherdon server and should now be suitable for use. Thanks for your patience.

Server Maintenance:

We'll be performing some maintenance tasks on the Gopherdon server today. Expect interruptions and outages. We will let you know when the maintenance tasks have been completed.

If you were experiencing issues regarding image uploads after the server migration, you should be able to upload images and files now without issue.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the stable apps of Gopherdon have landed (for the most part; waiting to do Windows builds)! Grab them here and enjoy the new icon. You can also now visit to view the stable site!

Server Upgrade Notice: The Gopherdon server has been upgraded to better hardware to better support the network for the future.

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Hey, everyone! I'll be working on migrating Gopherdon's server to a more powerful machine to better handle things and to make sure Gopherdon works for the future. Expect some outages if there are any. :)

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Also of note: we're working on upgrading the Gopherdon servers to better handle itself over time within the next few weeks. πŸ˜‰

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All right, everyone! The server has been updated to 3.0.1

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Good morning, Gopherdon! Doing some system maintenance on the server today.

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The GM app updates are here! This should pretty much act like the stable one if there aren't too many changes.

Download yer update:

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Alright everyone, here's the app update! These changes should have also been live on the web version of the Gopherdon app.

Download here:

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