The first trivia night was quite a success! Anyone interested in doing another soon?

The winner for the first trivia night is @julienfrogwater ! Thanks to all who participated, and congrats to our winner! 🎉

The trivia night is on! Join us with the following Zoom details:

998 8752 9776 ID
912871 Password

Hey !

If you haven't seen our announcements on the GopherApp lately, we announced that the trivia night is now taking place on Sepembter 12th at 8PM EST! Topic will be international foods, and the winner will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card. We'll announce details on how it works and the Zoom link for this event here.

Can't wait for this part of my comp-sci project to get finished! Been working on a puzzle game with costume-switching as a mechanic for the Mac using and . I'm just designing puzzles at this point, but pretty much App Store-ready...

Hey !

We know that the first week can get pretty hectic and troublesome, especially since new technologies are being pushed to the test as we continue online classes this semester. To give everyone some breathing room as we navigate through the first week, we’re postponing our trivia night that was supposed to take place tonight to sometime next week. We hope to see out at our event soon!

While we are saddened by the recent news regarding the fall semester, the Gopherdon team will continue to work on making it a fun, open, and safe place. Learn more about what we're doing here:

Pandemic aside, how's your summer break been going? (If none of the options apply, just comment).

Hyperspace SwiftUI (code name Starlight) updates: been working with team on getting client stuff together and designing iOS pages with community focus, great for later usage with Gopherdon apps. 😄

To all the new Gopherdon users, here's a welcome from the moderation team

Meanwhile, at Hyperspace HQ... Started work on interface components for Hyperspace for macOS and iPadOS/iOS! If all goes well, expect a Gopherdon app for iPhone and iPad in the future...

Wondering how to get started? Compose a toot or browse the local timeline!

Time for another tidbit! Gopherdon lets you make and vote on polls, which is great for getting quick feedback on a particular question. Give it a spin!

Hey folks, time for a poll! How would you rate this week?

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