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🎉 Welcome to Gopherdon

Gopherdon is an unofficial Mastodon instance for Goucher College that aims to provide a community-driven platform for communication and social interaction, led, run, and maintained by the Goucher community. It also aims to pave the future for social networking at Goucher as a spiritual successor to the Gopher app, supporting a wide variety of third-party apps as well as our in-house Gopherdon apps for the desktop.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Our core values

  • Gopherdon will forever be led and run the by Goucher, from moderation levels down to source code of the apps.
  • Gopherdon is a network designed around Goucher for Goucher. It isn't purchased from or controlled by another company, meaning that Goucher owns all of the data.
  • Gopherdon respects your privacy at all levels. No one will track your data or sell you advertisements.
  • Gopherdon is forever free and open-source software, meaning any student can make their own Gopherdon app to use or contribute back.

📜 Our terms of service

At the heart of Gopherdon is the underlying value of respect and etiquette towards other users. A full terms of service document can be accessed here.

By using Gopherdon, you acknowledge and agree to be an amazing Gopher and comply with these Terms of Service.

🖥 Try our apps

The Gopherdon team has built an amazing set of apps from the popular Hyperspace Desktop client for Windows, macOS, and Linux that let you view the best of Gopherdon and a complete Goucher experience through it. Browse Gopherdon’s timelines, receive desktop notifications, and view upcoming events at Goucher in one place.

Download Gopherdon for your computer here:

Feel free to try the online version or check out the source code on our GitHub page.

Encountered a bug or want to make a feature request? Let us know on GitHub ›

🔬Beta program

Update: Gopherdon is now in public beta, effective Monday, February 24, 2020.

Currently, Gopherdon is conducting a public beta to determine and test Gopherdon's capabilities and its potential in the future. Sign up for an account to get started.

Additionally, if you want to try out the beta versions of our app, you can visit out beta deployment.

🌟Special thanks

  • Prof. Tom Kelliher and the Goucher IT department for helping set up Gopherdon
  • Eugen Rochko and the fediverse community for developing Mastodon
  • Our initial private beta testers for trying out and supporting Gopherdon